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I work on memory, the memory, and the disjunction between “what I remember and how it must have been because that can’t be how I remember it.” My family history is essential in this sense because it’s something that I understand, and it’s something that I can enter in any way I want and I feel very intimate with that history. I also have this sense (maybe it’s the story I told myself) that I’m reliving my parent's and my grandparents' lives together to bring something that could make sense to my own displacement as a migrant from an early age. I think I began to think about memory, to make a sense on all of it. 

waseem ahmad /1992/  صدیقی



the possibilities of portraiture

we shall meet again

hobbled by life, but triumphal all the same

the Journey


remembrance and inheritance

this was my home fifty years ago
I was separated from the rest of my family in Delhi
we were on a country road that led to my ancestral village.



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